Saturday, May 7, 2011

What Can My Ancestors Do For Me?

Imagine being given a beautifully wrapped gift from your great grandmother. It has sat on a shelf in your home for years unopened. One day you ask your mother about it. She tells you it has been in the family for years. She thinks her brother may have opened it once, but wrapped it again to protect it.

So, there sits the gift waiting for someone curious enough to wonder about the treasure inside. Someone who'll stop in the middle of another busy day, sit down, place box on his lap, and open it.

I believe that it is not random chance that we are in the families we are in. Honestly, if I didn't believe that I wouldn't be motivated to continue the  research of my ancestors or to help others with theirs.

But, I do believe. No one had to teach me those truths. I just knew them. I've had experiences that have given me evidence of these truths, but ones that I didn't need because my heart was already convinced.

So, what can your ancestors do for you? Their lives are full of answers for your life. So many character strengths and life skills are passed down through generations. So are physical and spiritual traits.

My great grandmother was teacher of languages.  I love languages, too. Her daughter was an artist. So am I. My mother is a very spiritual person and has passed that gift to me as well.

Open the gift of family'll find more of yourself there!

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  1. What a wonderful way of putting it. I liked that we all have something - family gifts - passed down to us.

    I really enjoyed your article.


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