Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Can Family History Be a Way to Honor Our Parents?


  1. Please understand that this was a learning experience and I'm no "techie"! I'd wanted it to go to my new website, Weforgotyounot.com.But since that didn't work it's here. I messed up and forgot to add the text first, too. I hope you have some great suggestions. I promise I'll listen!

  2. Hey Betsy....you are stunning......I hope I look as good as you if I have 2 children...let alone 9. These pictures never do us justice. I didn't have great sound where I watched the video, so will have to come back to it.

    "So thy days, may be long upon this land"

  3. Hi Stacey! Thanks for watching!You are very kind.

  4. Hi Betsy,

    Great Looking Blog!,

    I'm going to start looking at my family history.

    Cool stuff!,

    David Edwards

  5. Hey David!
    Thanks. Let me know if you want help!Make sure you check out the file system, and the free downloads that can be printed at Staples for $2/ea. These charts will help you stay organized.
    Have fun!.


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