Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Sunshine Award

"A day without sunshine is like, you know, 

~Steve Martin~

Thanks to Elena Patrice of Websitesgiveback for including me in her list of the 2011 Sunshine Award recipients. I love a good laugh! Elena exudes a happiness that always lifts me up. I admire her vision to support and promote businesses and help all of her readers with her insightful business tips. She's just a lot of fun!

I read a lot of blogs and many of them have already received this award. The ones I've chosen to highlight are ones that may not be well known or get many visitors. But they make me smile. Enjoy.

To accept this award you have to jump through a few happy hoops:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award. (You can skip this one with me!)

2. Answer 10 questions. ( I think the giver should make up new ones. It could get interesting!)

3. Pass the award on to 10-12 Sunshine-worthy bloggers ( It's hard to keep the list to 10/12!)

Here's the incredibly inspiring list of 10 questions:

  1. Favorite color: Today it's green, even though I'm partial to black and white.
  2. Favorite animal: Camels because they spit randomly, and giraffes..they're just cool.
  3. Favorite number: I cheated: the #8 turned on it's side for "infinity".
  4. Favorite drink: hot cocoa from real cocoa, homemade.
  5. Facebook or Twitter: depends where I can find you today.
  6. My passion: Each of my multiple personalities chose one: ballet, drawing, writing, reading, family history, eating, laughing, gardening, and the ocean.
  7. Giving or receiving: Again I cheat: both if it includes hugs and kisses!
  8. Favorite day: Today...I managed to wake up alive.
  9. Favorite flower: Carnation...or any flower that makes my head spin when I smell it.
10. Favorite food: Just about anything edible that doesn't have sour cream dolloped on top.

Sunshine Worthy (in no particular order)

 1. Billy Coffey ( blog )- An inspirational writer I found when I first joined Twitter.
  2. Julie Gouche ( blog )- Love her family history-related posts. Julie's just cute!
  3. Stan Faryna ( Podcasts, blog ).Mind-blowing and epic! Leader, businessman, gamer and gifted writer.  
  4. Nisha Varguese ( blog )- A woman who sees a need in the world and fills it. Love her!
  5. Aaron Biebert ( blog )- An all-around good guy and great leader in business.
  6. Johnathan Bell ( blog )- His mind was imported from another planet! I always laugh when reading him!
  7. Christian Hollingsworth ( blog )- A truly dedicated young man who's going places with business and music. Watch for his album!
  8. Peter Kevin Connell ( blog )- Peter's Heritage History blog is just funny!
  9. Shelley Lundquist ( blog )- Shelley has a calm, grounded spirit!
10. Yomar Lopez ( NJAB, blog )- Yomar is fun! Love his energy!
11. Palmoilfreesoap ( blog )- New Zealand home-based business. They have goats! I have no idea how I found them on Twitter. But they are doing good things with their passion!
12. Jane Furey ( Ezine )- My favorite friend from Australia whose blog for and about women (and now men contribute, too) is the classiest. I love her sense of humor!
13. Alice Pyne ( blog ) She has a bucket List and wants to trend on Twitter. A real sweetheart!

There you have it! Now go have a good day. 


  1. Hey there, Betsy,

    Thank you so much for this. I'm honored. By the way, you're on my Awesome List -

    And you're probably right, my mind was imported from another planet. I'm thinking Barsoom.

  2. John,
    My day would not be complete without a healthy dose of you!

  3. Wow, I am so honoured, dear, wonderful Betsy! I remember joining twitter and seeing all these lists of wonderful blogs and thinking that maybe, one day. (way down the road) I might find my blog adorning some list. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that my words have made a difference to you - and that they bring a smile. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift!

  4. Hello sweet Betsy!

    Well, first, you incredibly deserving and second, thank you for your very kind words. I love, love, love your answers and you never cease to amaze me with your wonderfulness! ;)

    Your list here is awesome and I'm so going to check everyone out. You already introduced me to Billy and I'm so grateful for that.

    Well my friend continue on with your greatness and thank you for allowing me the privilege of getting to know you and calling you friend!

    May you and those you love have a very safe, very Happy New Year!!

    Abundant kindness,


  5. Elena,
    You truly make me smile! This was a very difficult challenge! I woke up at 2:30 and finished the post at 7am!!! I don't remember being distracted by reading blogs while putting it together, but, my goodness, how'd it take that long? Anyways, it was fun! Thanks a bunch. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  6. You know, Shelley, everyone has a gift. Your sweet, peaceful spirit is amazing! I don't always say so when I read your posts, but I'm inspired by you!

  7. Hi Betsy, Excellent choices! I am familiar with some (and they are my favorites too) and look forward to getting to know the others.

    Thanks so much for sharing these with us and for sharing about yourself as well!

  8. Congrats and Love blogs for me to read..If they're some of your favorites they have to be excellent!!

    Happy, Happy New Year!



  9. Thank YOU Carolyn! I hope you like the others as much as I do. There are so many people doing unique and beautiful things, as you do with your knowledge of Technology! Have a Happy New Year, Carolyn!

  10. Ann, I adore you! You are one fun soul! I just found you on Twitter this morning...can't wait to check out your blog

  11. Thank you my wonderful, beautiful, fantastic friend! This was very kind of you. I'm honored. And I absolutely LOVE hot cocoa. ;)

  12. Betsy, aloha. Congratulations on being a recipient of the Sunshine Award. You definitely deserve it because you spread sunshine throughout the blogospher, twitterverse, facebook and wherever you may venture.

    Though I know many of your awesome awardess, I do see several new ones so I appreciate the introduction. Meeting new bloggers is a perfect way to start the year.

    Wishing you and yours a year of dreams come true, the blessing of health along with people and experiences that make you smile. Hauoli Makahiki Hou. Janet

  13. Christian,
    You have a great spirit that is reflected in everything you do!

  14. Aloha, Janet!
    Thanks for stopping by today. This award was so funny to me. But it did give me the opportunity to reflect to see how I feel about different blogs. Once I got going I had fun thinking of all the different ones I've found this year.
    Your post today was so inspiring. I can always count on you for a lift!

  15. Hi Betsy,
    Just came by to wish you a Happy New Year! You've got some interesting suggestions for the winners of the Sunshine award! They could make it very interesting! You do deserve this award Girlfriend. I always smile when I read your posts!

  16. Thanks Lori! I love seeing you here! Happy New Year to you, too!

  17. Aww! Absolutely loved learning more about your, Betsy! =) If you're interested in spitting animals, I've heard that llamas do that too. =P I got too close to one once and the people around me told me to be careful because they often spit in people's faces. =P

    I especially love your varied interests because I'm very much the same way! =) <3 Hugs! Great list of bloggers too!

    1. Llamas! Yeah, I forgot about them. There was a farm nearby that we used to visit that had llammas. They are very skiddish animals. Thanks for coming by Samantha!! I think you should steal the award and do this for yourself. You are always so smiley. And I love hearing about your Peruvian adventures!


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