Sunday, April 24, 2011

How To Fill Out the Art Charts

These art charts were created to display the collected information of your ancestors. The center rectangle is the family closest to the present. The next rectangle out is of their parents, the next of their grandparents. Their great grandparents are in the border.

So, the center has two blank rectangles. Left is for husband. Right is for wife. Since this chart is for display only, the information is limited to names, places and dates. The center generation may still be living. You'll have to leave room for date and place of death.

The next rectangle out has four spaces for information. The husband's parents from the center rectangle are left, the wife's are right.

Continue with the next generations, always placing the parents of the previous generation in the spaces closest to their child's. Stay consistent with men (husbands, fathers) left of their wife. You can reverse left and right. But do it throughout the whole chart.
Each space should eventually look like this:

John Smith 1/1/ 1961- (add death date)
Portland, Maine / (add death place)
Married 7/12/1986
Cataumet, Ma.

Problem? My children always ask, "Where am I?" OK. Where do the children go? This is where you can be creative! Put them near the parents. Actually, between them is logical. That's my advice! Makes sense to me. I just like to keep the rectangles free of clutter...for parent's info.alone. But the family info isn't complete without the child's name and date of birth at least!

The beauty of these charts is that they cost $1.99 to copy at Staples from your flash drive, and they make great reunion, Christmas, birthday or anniversary gifts. The paper isn't the best, but when framed it's hard to tell!  

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