Sunday, April 24, 2011

How To Use the Pedigree/Family Group Worksheet

This chart is unique because it allows you to see all four generations of #1 (the person's line you are working on) all at once. And it emphasizes the importance of whole families, not just the parents.

So, let's begin.

If #1 is John Smith, then #1's wife is to his right. Put all the info in the square labeled #1, including name, date of birth, and marriage, and birth / marriage / death place. Add the children below them, in the same square. You need to put at least their name, DOB, and place.

Next, find the square labeled #2/3. This is #1's parents. Father is left, mother is right, children go in the square below parent's info.

#4/5 is up from #2/3. That's for #2's parents.

#6/7 is for #3's parents.

Can you see the pattern?

From here on out the chart will be divided into two distinct lines: #1's father's line will occupy the top half of the chart, and #1's mother's line will occupy the bottom half.

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